The Sunday Sofa Session with Brian and Lulu! #SunSofa

Hi everyone

Well, Dean is taking a well earned rest, and so Lulu and I get to laze around on the Sunday Sofa Session for this week, and there’s plenty in the show!

We looked at some of the top tens from this week in years gone by, and we thought 1988 was a particularly good one. So we’ll be counting that down in the last hour and sharing our memories of some of the songs.

Also we have festive favourites and other good music, so feel free to request whatever you would like.

On The Mosen Explosion, Thirty Thousand Pounds of Explosives. #MosenOnAir

I am the exploding DJ. It's that time of the week once again, where we get together and aimlessly explode for a while, taking our mind off the presents we haven't yet bought.
One of the great singer/songwriters of the 20th century, Harry Chapin, was born on 7 December 1942. He is one of my favourite musical artists of all time. He had that rare ability to capture a story and distill it in song. So, although we have plenty of holiday music in the mix, Harry Chapin is also our featured artist this week. We'll be glad to take your requests.

Feeling Festive.

Hi everyone. As we head into the first weekend of December, that festive feeling is certainly in the air as the silly season begins to gather pace. Today at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK or 2 PM on the East Coast of America, it will be time for me, Brian D to Welcome You To The Weekend on

Grab Yourself A Bargain In The Zone!

Hello Listeners

I hope you can join me on Friday at 4 pm eastern, 9 pm UK for three hours of fun only on,

You can expect to hear the usual features, Music Madness quiz, Guess The Year competition, The Club Mixes and The Love Zone.

THE BELL TOWER CAFE: Xmas Presents & Gadgets - Friday 12pm UK / 7am ET #BTCafe

Hi guys
Hope your week is going well...Only 2 more weeks til Christmas.

With that in mind I’m in the process of buying my Wife’s Christmas presents and would love your ideas...

Also I’m looking for a Christmas present for myself on the gadget front and would love your advice...

What Do You Get When You Cross a Concert Review With A Mix Of Regular And Holiday A Cappella Tunes?

So, as the topic of this post asks...
What Do You Get When You Cross a Concert Review With A Mix Of Regular And Holiday A Cappella Tunes?
You get tonight's A Cappellas Anonymous, that's what. There are only three more shows left in 2014, and tonight's one of them!
Join me on The Bell tonight between 7 and 10PM eastern for another great night of a cappella fun with A Cappellas Anonymous. Among everything, you'll get...

Exploding Mudda, Exploding Fadda #MosenOnAir

It's that time of the week again, where we forget our worries and explode for a while. How cool is this!
90 years ago today, Allan Sherman was born. He left us with some great pieces of comedy, and we'll be playing a few on the show. We'd be delighted to get your Allan Sherman requests.
It's also the 60th birthday of June Pointer of The Pointer Sisters. Now didn't they do some fine tunes, eh? So we'll also gladly take your Pointer Sisters requests.


Hi guys
WOW! What a difference a year makes...Now what was I doing this time last year???

This week the Sunday Sofa Session goes all Christmassy in celebration of my wife Becs putting the Decks up. There will be plenty of Christmas music plus finding out how everyone’s plans are going for the festive season!!

I’ll also be telling you about 2 new laws the European Union want to bring in, the usually X Factor round-up and tell you where you can get a FREE Christmas dinner...

Going Religiously Bananas ... It's Noughty Nineties!

Hi gang. Another week is over, another weekend is in flight, and of course all of the focus this time round has been on the USA with Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

However, tomorrow the roles are being reversed, as I reflect upon a prominent religious leader's thoughts about the state of modern Europe and see what you make of it. In a particular part of Europe celebrations will be especially evident this weekend, as it's St Andrew's Day on Sunday, and I'm sure some Celtic content will sneak its way into the show.

The Music Machine, Mind Your P's and Q's!

Hi everyone!

We all know it’s thanksgiving weekend, and I’d like to wish everyone in America a happy holiday!

We should always give thanks for what we receive, but it’s also important to be courteous and ask politely for what we need. So this week, the show is all about songs concerning thanksgiving, or with please or thank you in the title! I am sure there are many you can think of.

To get in touch before or during the show, do email or send a tweet to brianhartgen.


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