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It's that time again. A timely message about what's on The Mosen Explosion this time. #MosenOnAir

Oh boy! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It's one of my two least favourite times of the year, when all the clocks start to move in different directions.

Fill that Little Brown Jug and get in the mood for another Mosen Explosion on The Bell. #MosenOnAir

Just as you thought quality radio was safe, we're back again to lower the tone with another Mosen Explosion!
And what an incredibly action-packed day in history 1 march happens to be. Our featured artist this week is Glen Miller, born on this day in 1904. We'll be playing some great Miller tunes.
There are plenty of other musical anniversaries we'll celebrate, including the release of Dark Side of the Moon, now that is one amazing album I tell you!

Cut Way Over to The Mosen Explosion, on The Bell, for some Special Guests. #MosenOnAir

Get out those Anne Murray, Guess Who and Gordon Lightfoot records. Join us in cracking open a premium bottle of maple syrup, and even if you're going to be oat and aboat, take your mobile device with you, eh? Because we're making history on this week's Mosen Explosion.
Over the last nearly 16 years, we've broadcast from a few places, and we've had New Zealand guests in the studio from time to time. But never before in all this time have we had a listener from overseas co-host the show, and a long-time listener at that.

The Mosen Explosion pays tribute to the great nat King Cole, 50 years on. #MosenOnAir

Welcome, exploding types. I hope your valentine's day was a full of marvelousness as mine.
It was 50 years ago, on 15 February 1965, that Nat King Cole died of complications following lung cancer surgery. He was just 48. He left behind a treasure-trove of wonderful recordings sung in his distinctive style.
To mark the anniversary, Nat King Cole is our featured artist on the Mosen Explosion this week.
We're also hopeful that the Banana Report will make a triumphant return as we catch up with Richard's busy summer.

Please, Lock Me Away. It's The Mosen Explosion on The Bell! #MosenOnAIr

What an exciting show this week promises to be, as hopefully, some of our American listeners who've been distracted by the stop-start season come back to join the exploding family. How was that super bowl thing anyway. Was it good for you honey?
Do you realise that it was 48 years ago on this very day that Peter and Gordon splitted upperated? Well it is! And that's why Peter and Gordon are our featured artists this week. They did some nice tunes.

Join us on The Bell for The Mosen Explosion, Soupless Bowl Edition. #MosenOnAir

Yes ladles and jelly spoons, I have now well and truly worked my way out of holiday mode and we're back with an action-packed Mosen Explosion this week.
It's another show where we'll continue our steadfast championing of bowl's rights. Bowls are glorious. Bowls can be full of possibilities by being full of yumminess. No bowl deserves to be humiliated, desecrated, castigated and agitated by having...I can barely bring myself to even type the word...soup in it. Therefore we proudly proclaim this show to be the soupless bowl edition.

This Week's Mosen Explosion on The Bell Totally Brailles it! #MosenOnAir

It's time for the first Mosen Explosion of 2015. And what better way to celebrate than to pay tribute to a man who has transformed the lives of many blind people around the world for generations. Without him, I know I wouldn't have been able to have the career I've had. I wouldn't be able to identify items around the home with ease, and I wouldn't be able to write something down and read it back fluently in front of an audience.

Get Ready for the Mosen Explosion New Year's Extravaganza on The Bell. #MosenOnAir

Every year at the same time, just as we're getting used to it, it ends. It's time to farewell 2014 and welcome in a brand new, shiny, sparkly year, a fresh blank canvas on which you can paint some history. Isn't all that something to celebrate?

For the sixth concurrent straight successive consecutive year in a row, the Mosen Explosion will be featuring it's new year special, live from Mosen Towers. You see, while you're still basking in 2014, we'll be well into 2015, beta testing it for you, to ensure it's safe and has the prerequisite amount of lanolin.

Join the Bell at 7 PM UK, 2 PM Eastern, for the Mosen Family Christmas. #MosenOnAir

As I write this, it's already Christmas day in New Zealand. The presents have been opened, the Christmas feast is cooking, and delicious aromas are wafting through the house.
By the time we get to the 26th of December, which we call Boxing Day, it'll still be Christmas in the northern hemisphere, and that's a good excuse for us to extend our Christmas by entertaining our friends around the world.

A wacky Christmas, all comedy and Novelty with Glen Gordon and me on the Mosen Explosion. #MosenOnAir

In 1992, a talented and popular broadcaster who just happened to be blind by the name of Glen Gordon stepped away from the microphone, ultimately pursuing a career that saw his appearances limited to the occasional Blind Line, early Main Menu, or FSCast. Poor thing.


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