Welcome To A Long Weekend.

Hi everyone. Whether it’s a long weekend for you, in your part of the world, or just a two day regular one, I’d love to kick it off with you on Friday next at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 3 PM on the East Coast of America (with the time change) on www.the-bell.net.

I say long weekend, as it’s Saint Patricks day in Ireland on Tuesday, which is a public holiday and I’ve been working so hard lately, that the boss has given me Monday off too. So what about that, four days of freedom ahead. Whatever length you’re weekend is, we’ll have the usual mix of feel good music with the best in friendly banter for you to enjoy, to wipe away you’re busy week, and lift your mood considerably for the weekend ahead. All our usual features are back where they belong for you to enjoy.

Kick-Start. This show opener sets us up for the Weekend ahead. This time we hear a number 4 hit from May 1979.

Double-Take. At the bottom of the first hour we hear two tracks by the one artist, along with a little profile about the artist in question. This weekend we hear from a band formed in Kings Cross in London in 1982, but had and still have a very strong following in Ireland. The Pogues get the honour of being our featured artist on this occasion, just because it’s Saint Patricks weekend of course.

The Irish Connection. Exactly one hour later, I feast your ears on two different tracks from two different Irish Artists. Drinking is a strong connection between both tracks this weekend, as well as Ireland of course.

The One That Got Away. In this part of the show we hear a track that did get away. A forgotten single from 1982 is what we will hear this weekend which could be appropriate for anyone going out on the town to party.

If your celebrating Mothers day on Sunday, watching the Rugby between Ireland and Wales, going out for a nice meal or just relaxing your very welcome to join us if you’d like too. If you’d like to let me know your plans or request a particular tune you’d like to hear to give you that weekend feeling, contacting the show is very easy and I’d love to hear from you. You can:
Email, briand@the-bell.net
Or Tweet @daltobr, and I’d be happy to play your request and say hi to you.

Don’t forget, we are in all the major Radio Directories, such as: iTunes, Ootunes, TuneIn Radio and many more. So if you are out and about, you can take us with you on your Smart Phone where ever you are, at any time. Let’s kick off a long weekend, for yours truly at least on the Bell, as I call very clearly across those miles from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland.