The Return Of Welcome To The Weekend.

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that Welcome To The Weekend will be returning to the airwaves on Friday the 10th of April, at it’s usual time of 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM Eastern. It will still be 2 hours of up beat feel good music, mixed with a large helping of friendly banter to set you up for the weekend ahead.

The big difference is that the show now has a new home, the Mosen Channel which can be found by pointing your browser at The Mosen Channel is also available in the popular radio directories such as:
• iTunes
• OoTunes
• TuneIn Radio
• Radium
• LeaseyRadioe

You can catch the show even on your Apple TV if you have one, or if you happen to be on the move.

I would sincerely like to say thanks to Jonathan Mosen, for providing an excellent place to host Welcome To The Weekend from.

The show is also being carried by 2 other Radio Stations such as:
Radio Flintshire,, also available in TuneIn Radio, and
Treehouse Radio,, available in TuneIn and with it’s own app in the app store if you have an I device.
Thanks to both of these stations for syndicating my show.

Contacting the show for a request, a mention or if you have any feedback is as easy as ever and I’d love to hear from you at any time. You can:
Tweet, @daltobr
Facebook me,, or like my show page called Welcome To The Weekend Radio Show, where you will see all show updates.

I look forward to your company Each Friday as we close out the working week and say hi to the Weekend beginning on April 10th.