Saying Goodbye to Someone Special.

Hi Everyone.

When Brian Hartgen and I began this project almost a year ago now, it was just the two of us. Very quickly, we were contacted by Anne Cosgrave who had a strong desire to be involved. I hadn’t heard Anne broadcast before but she had an excellent reputation behind her. On hearing a demo show from her, Both Brian and I snapped her up.

Anne entertained you all each Friday night in the Zone, with lots of music Quizzes, a very bubbly personality and an excellent knowledge of the music she played. The time she took to prepare her shows each week was very evident. Along with that, her warm friendly conversational side, makes her a very fine broadcaster, and someone who definitely kept me entertained from start to finish each week.

Sadly for personal reasons, Anne has had to take the decision that she can’t give the Zone the time and effort it needs in making it the excellent show that it is. For that reason, we are saying goodbye to the Zone on a Friday night, but the Crazy Girl, that is Anne Cosgrave will always be one of the best broadcasters that we have ever worked with.