It's that time again. A timely message about what's on The Mosen Explosion this time. #MosenOnAir

Oh boy! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It's one of my two least favourite times of the year, when all the clocks start to move in different directions.
This weekend in North America, they're putting the clocks forward. Well of course many clocks put themselves forward these days. Unless they don't, or partially do. Like how the iPhones would go forward but their alarm systems were synced with UTC and did not, waking people up earlier or later, and making them even grumpier than the time change usually does. Then people get to work late, which annoys even more people because no one can get hold of anyone. That impacts the economy, and the next thing you know, we're all having heart attacks and slumping into economic recession. Whew! Why can't people leave the clocks alone I ask you? Why!
This week, to celebrate or commiserate regarding all this time soup, you're welcome to request any songs to do with time and clocks.
All four bananas are here with a Banana Report recorded during a heavy rain storm, and featuring a menagerie of noisy animals. Intrigued? Well then you'll have to be there won't you! We're also celebrating Nicola banana's 12th birthday.
Bonnie is here with her bulletin, and we have a bumper crop of wacky news stories, including an only in America story about a dude who tried to sue a restaurant because they didn't warn him his sizzling fajitas were hot. I mean, like, duh!
We look back on this day in history, and much much more.
It's all coming up on this week's Mosen Explosion, right here on The Bell at 7 PM in the UK. Looking forward to your company.