Fill that Little Brown Jug and get in the mood for another Mosen Explosion on The Bell. #MosenOnAir

Just as you thought quality radio was safe, we're back again to lower the tone with another Mosen Explosion!
And what an incredibly action-packed day in history 1 march happens to be. Our featured artist this week is Glen Miller, born on this day in 1904. We'll be playing some great Miller tunes.
There are plenty of other musical anniversaries we'll celebrate, including the release of Dark Side of the Moon, now that is one amazing album I tell you!
The Banana Report this week is a special one, recorded live at the Wellington Regional Stadium during the innings break of the England Sri Lanka world cup cricket match. Using my super duper brand new...pair of roller-skates, no let me try that again. Using my super duper brand new key...Um, wait I'll get it right in a minute...Using my super duper new Zoom IQ6 stereo microphone plugged into the lightning port of my super duper iPhone 6 Plus, we've captured some of the atmosphere for you with Heidi banana and a special Mosen Explosion guest.
We've got the Bonnie bulletin, plenty of history and lots of fun.
It's all on at 2 PM Eastern, 7 Pm in the UK, 8 AM on Monday morning in cricket-mad New Zealand, right here on The Bell.