Hello, Goodbye

Hi everyone. On this first full week back at work after the Holiday Season, it will be nice to reach the Weekend. Have no fear, it is not that long away. On Friday at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM Eastern your weekend will begin on www.the-bell.net, with me, Briand D. It will be my pleasure to Welcome You To The Weekend with plenty of feel good music, along with the usual mix of friendly banter, to uplift you from the busy week and into two days of freedom that await you.

All our regular features will be back for your enjoyment after a well-earned holiday break.

Kick-Start. This opening tune will set you on the right road for the Weekend. This time we take a track released in 1967, with an appropriate message for a Friday.

Double-Take. Two tracks by the one artist is the order of this feature and it happens at half past the first hour of the show. This week we hear from a band who were very successful in the 1980[‘s, and are still active. Duran Duran is this week’s featured artist.

The Irish Connection. Exactly one hour later, I play two tracks from two different Irish artists to demonstrate the showcase of talent on offer in this little Island of Ireland. This week we hear a charity single released in 2012 to raise funds for a child very ill with a rare form of cancer, that was originally released by Elton John in 1972. Then we hear a track from a lady who is a Coral Singer by profession, and has released three albums to date.

The One That Got Away. This rare gem of the show is devoted to a track that doesn’t get much Radio exposure. A Forgotten Favourite, it could be described as. This week we hear a track that was originally released in 1954 as a Folk song, and covered by many artists since, including the version I play that was released in 1991.

Your suggestions and requests for our regular features as well as any particular tune that makes you feel good this weekend are most welcome, and I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to share your plans for the Weekend, or would like to say hi to me, I’d love to hear from you too.

Getting in touch is very easy. You can Email briand@the-bell.net, or send a Tweet to Daltobr.

Why not leave this first week of January behind, and grab the Weekend with both hands, only on the Bell, calling clearly across those miles.