Welcome to the last weekend in January

Hi everyone. On Friday, At 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM Eastern, it will be time for me to welcome you to the Weekend on www.the-bell.net. Like the working week, it is time for us to draw the curtains on the month of January as we close it out this weekend. Spring will be with us from Sunday, and there will certainly be the usual spring in the music. The very best in feel good music and friendly banter will be on offer for you to enjoy, to pep you up for the two days of freedom ahead.

All the regular features will be here such as:

Kick-Start. This opening tune gives us the green light to begin our weekend. This time we hear a track released in 2005, from a Garage Band from the UK.

Double-Take. At the bottom of the first hour, we hear two tracks from the one artist, as well as some very interesting facts about the artist and the tunes played. This weekend our featured artist is ED Sheeran, who played an intimate gig to 400 people in Ireland last weekend.

The Irish Connection. Exactly one hour later, we hear two tracks from two different Irish Artists. This weekend it is the turn of Northern Ireland as we hear from two bands very popular in the 1980’s from the North of this little Island.

The One That Got Away. In this slot in the show, anything can be heard from any era or any musical genre. It’s a track that is not often heard on the radio. This time we hear a single that was only released in the US last year, by an English song writer who was the front man with the band Blur in the 1990’s.

You’re requests for any of our features, or a tune you’d like to hear during the show that will make you feel good is most welcome and as always, I’d love to hear from you. Getting in touch with me is very easy. You can:
Email, briand@the-bell.net
Tweet, @daltobr

No matter where you are, or what you are doing, Why not close out the working week and say hi to the Weekend, with me, Brian D, only on the Bell, calling very clearly across those miles.