ON THE #SunSofa - #Bond #Madonna #Secrets, Phones + #1985 - Sunday 4pm UK / 11am ET

Hi guys
WOW it only seems like last year since we were on the Sofa!!

This week as customary the UK archives released 30 year old secrets about spies, the government and other material. I’ll be going through some of those shocking secrets and asking what you were doing in 1985.

Happy New Noughty Nineties

Hi gang ... welcome to 2015. I hope it's been good to you so far.

A new year brings fresh changes and new beginnings, and Noughty Nineties is no exception to this rule. I'm honoured to say that some new stations are carrying the show from this week (thank you to all of you), and the format has also been reviewed. If you ever thought it was frantic think again ... Noughty Nineties has just stepped up a notch, moving from 3 hours to 2, making the show even more fast and furious than before!


Happy new year! I am on The Bell before Brian Dalton as normal tonight at 6pm UK thats 1pm ET for Happy Hour.

A fast paced hour of feelgood tunes to get you ready for the weekend!

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See you later


The Perfect Year.

Hi everyone. As 2014 closes out, and we find ourselves in the first weekend of 2015, I would like to Welcome You to the Weekend on today at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK or 2 PM Eastern.

In 1993, Dina Carroll had the Perfect Year. In 2014 this happened to me, Brian D. I became a father in July and Welcome To The Weekend gained two loyal listeners in the form of Miss Rachel and Mister Luke. Not only that, but there were some excellent feel good tunes knocking around in 2014 which got a regular hearing on the show.

The Music Machine, Next Item on the Gender

Hi to all and a very happy new year!

The Music Machine during 2015 starts with a theme which gives plenty of scope for you to choose a song if you would like to. As the title suggests, it’s all about gender, man, woman, boy, girl, guy, lord, lady, anything you can think of relating to gender. The Boys are Back in Town would be a good example, or Sweet Talking Woman maybe?

It would be good to receive suggestions of any song titles containing those words and there are plenty to choose from!

The Irish and Aussie Zone!

Hello Listeners

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

I hope you are all still in the party mood as I have a special show planned for you all this week.

My good friend Jordie Howell from Melbourne is here and she will be co-hosting the show with me on Friday. We would love to have your company at 4 pm eastern, 9 pm in the UK only on,

We have all the usual features for you, Music Madness quiz, Guess the Year competition, the Club Mixes and the Love Zone.

The Annual Junior Choice Special!

Hi everyone

For the past few years, Lulu and I have celebrated a radio show which people still love to this day if BBC Radio 2 listeners are anything to go by.

Junior Choice was a radio show for children and the young at heart. It was broadcast on both Radio 1 and 2, and from 1968 to 1980, Ed Stewart was the host, with memorable catch-phrases and jingles, and the programme was full of requests, many of which were recorded on tape. Each Christmas, Ed revisits this show on Radio 2 and the requests still come flooding in.

Happy 2014

Hi everyone,

I will be on straight after Jonathan Mosen tomorrow with 2 hours of the best music of the year, all the celebrity best bits and bad bits for the year and the top 10 best selling tracks of 2014 according to Billboard USA.

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See you tomorrow at 12pm UK that's 7am US Eastern.


NEW YEAR'S EVE 80s DISCO BAR - New Year's Eve 8pm UK / 3pm ET

Hi guys
As part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations I hope you can join me, Dean Ormond in the 80s Disco Bar between 8-10pm UK / 3-5pm US Eastern on or via your favourite app.

The show does what it says on the tin, I’ll be playing some of your favourite 80s records to get you in the party mood and for the main event with Danny Miles at 10pm UK / 5pm US Eastern.

The Big Ben Theory - Begin 2015 with a Big Bang

Please join me, Danny Miles, to see the year out in style and
celebrate the start of what I hope will be your happiest 12 months to
date. I'll be soaking up the atmosphere from all across the globe as
2015 approaches, chatting with people online and live on air via Skype
and phone, and I'll be sure to play only top party tunes to get you
ready and revved up for a fresh start to the year ahead. I'll be
giving away a prize to the lucky listener who knows most about what's


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