SUNDAY SOFA STOCKING FILLERS (From Sunday 14 December) #SunSofa

Hi guys
As promised here is the list of Stocking Fillers featured on last Sunday's Sofa Session;

Join the Parade on this week's Mosen Explosion. #MosenOnAir

Christmas traditions are fun, and over the last few years, we've developed the tradition of bringing you the Christmas parade from here in Wellington, New Zealand's capital, on the Mosen Explosion. Although we're maintaining that tradition this year, the recording technique is all new, as we went out to the parade equipped only with an iPhone 6 Plus and a Zoom IQ5 plugged into the Lightning port. I believe it's given us our best recording of a parade yet. Heidi will be giving us expert audio description of all the floats, and Bonnie will be offering her comments.


Hi guys
Did you miss me last week..?

Do you remember your school nativity, did you have a part in it? If so, you’ll never believe what schools have done to the nativity these days!

Talking of the nativity, do children know who Jesus is and how many children know what the meaning of Christmas is? Don’t worry I’ll tell you some of the crazy answers the kids gave!!!

Time to Get Noughty With Danny's Top 40

Hi there, and welcome to another Saturday! That means it’s time for Noughty Nineties on
and it’s a very special one this week.

With the end of the year approaching and people talking about their musical highlights of the last 12 months, I thought I’d get a bit expansive with this and share with you my top 40 tracks of the 2000s. That’s a lot of great music … too much to fit into one show … so you’ll hear 20 of the best this week and the other 20 next Saturday.

It's Party Time In The Zone Later Today!

Hello Listeners

I would love it if you could join me at 4 pm eastern, that’s 9 pm in the UK for three hours of fun in The Zone and only on,

All the usual features are here for your enjoyment, Music Madness quiz, Guess the Year competition, the Club Mixes and the Love Zone.

Welcome To The Weekend Everyone

It’s Friday, which means that at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM Eastern, it will be time for me, Brian D to offer you a warm Welcome To The Weekend on If it’s shopping, partying, or chilling out at home your company would be most welcome. Feel good music and friendly banter will be available for you to enjoy. All the usual features are in place too.

Kick-Start. The pace setting tune to begin your weekend opens the show. This time we hear a track that hit number 2 on the UK singles chart in 2003.

Today's Happy Hour

Hi all,

I hope you can join me for #HappyHour today at 6pm UK 1pm US ET! I have a packed show full of feel good new and old tunes and a first play of what I predict will be a massive worldwide number 1 in the next month!

Also I will be filling you in on all the Celeb gossip. As always all thriller no filler music guaranteed with a sprinkling of Christmas!

Get in touch:

Tweet BecsOnDecs


Hi guys
Hows your week going? Have you been out buying Christmas presents and ready to wrap them?

IHowever your week has been I hope you can join me this Friday in The Bell Tower Cafe at 12pm UK / 7am US Eastern for a couple of hours where you can escape, relax, forget about the stresses of the week or day and listen to some chillaxing tunes...

As its getting colder thoughts turn to winter comfort food and what food we’ll be having over Christmas and the holiday period, so I’d love to hear what food comforts you and what is the must have food for Christmas.

Toews on the Waves Christmas Novelty Special Not to be Missed!

Christmas is a lot of different things to many different people: it is a time of great spiritual significance, a time for family and friends, a time for
children, and a time to reflect on the importance of peace on earth and goodwill toward all. But through it all, there’s a genuine desire to have fun,
to laugh, to smile.

A Look Back At My A Cappella Favorites And Maybe Yours Too On A Cappellas Anonymous Tonight

Hi All!
Well, just two more A Cappellas Anonymous shows stand between us and the end of 2014, and next week is our all Christmas special, so that leaves us with only one more show where regular a cappella music can be featured.
So tonight, join me on The Bell between 7 and 10 PM eastern for A Cappellas Anonymous.
On this show, we'll be taking a look at some of the new songs I've added to my a cappella library this year.
Hear some of the a cappella magic that has kept me going in what has personally been a very hard year.


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