Today's Happy Hour

I will be with you at 6pm UK 1pm ET for your usual round up of Celebrity gossip! But I want to hear all about your weekend plans, thanksgiving and your black friday bargains!

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Of course their will be Feel good happy tunes from different genres and decades that will make you move to my groove! All thriller no filler guaranteed!

See you later


THE BELL TOWER CAFE - Friday 12pm UK / 7am ET

Hi guys
Hope your week is going well...

This Friday the boss Brian H is allowing me to open the doors to The Bell Tower Cafe, a place where you can drop in chillax for a couple of hours and forget about the stresses of the day.

I’ll be playing chillaxing relaxing tunes that hopefully will leave you warm and fluffy!!

I’ll also be asking what’s for lunch and finding out what’s on the menu for the weekend.

The Mosen Explosion, where the Festive Temptation is hard to resist! #MosenOnAir

We're just over a month away from when Santa comes down the chimney, eats your food and rinks your beer. Well, at least, we leave him beer in New Zealand, what do you leave him?
In the United States, people will be heading home for thanksgiving later this week, and things are just starting to feel fun, fine, fantastic, frivolous, festive, fantastic, oh wait I said fantastic that doesn't make sense.

ON THE SOFA: Vices, Words, Band Aid, 1984 & Chocolate - Sunday 4pm UK / 11am ET

Hi guys
Yep another week has gone and its time for us all just to lounge on the Sunday Sofa again!!

What is your vice or guilty pleasure...Why am I asking well, a certain vice is getting a brand name!!

This week the Oxford English Dictionary revealed the new words that they are adding for 2014 and I’ll reveal some of them and be asking what words you think should be added...

Lighting Up A Day At The Zoo

Hey gang. It's the weekend again, and that means another Noughty Nineties is on its way. Sadly other activities mean I can only bring you a 2-hour show this week, as the legendary Eric Tyler is hitting The Bell's airwaves every Saturday at 7pm Eastern (12am in the UK) from now on and that means I can't run over.

Today's Happy Hour

Hi all!

Join me today at 6pm UK 1pm US Eastern for Happy Hour! 1 hour of all thriller no filler tunes that will get you grooving into the weekend in style! Plus I have all your weekly Celebrity gossip!

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See you later on The Bell!

Welcome To Friday.

Hi everybody. Wow, what a quick week that has been, where is the time going these days. At 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern it will be time for me, Brian D to Welcome You To The Weekend on Where ever you are in the world, I will have the usual mix of feel good music and friendly banter to lift you from the trials and tribulations of the week that was, into the joys of the weekend. All our usual features are here for your enjoyment.

The Music Machine, Don't Know if I'm Coming or Going!

Hi to everyone!

It’s nearly time for the Music Machine again, Saturday, 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK on the Bell!

On the Mosen Explosion, The Hills Are Alive! #MosenOnAir

Let's start at the very beginning, which I'm sure you will agree is a very good place to start! The Mosen Explosion is back again with a few of your favourite things. We're celebrating the 55th anniversary of the broadway musical debut of The Sound of Music. People seem never to tire of those tunes, and we'll gladly play your favourites on the show this week.

The American Music Country Countdown Comes to The Bell!

Whether you want to hear the latest country chart countdown, special guests or the latest country music news, you can do that as from 22 November as The Bell brings to you the American Music Country Countdown with Eric Tyler!

Each week, Eric will keep you fully entertained with all that's new in country. The professional approach he gives to the show will make you feel like you're in Nashville! Eric knows his country!


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